Compliment from one of our learners

The course was an experience that I will never forget inside and outside of my company. No matter where I go, I will always be thankful for the valuable life lesson that this course has taught me. A special thank you to Kobus for all the guidance and sharing your…

Creativity radio interview

Kobus Venter is now a certified creativity coach and was invited by KindaSound Radio for an interview. Kobus is very passionate about the subject of creativity. You can listen to his interview here.—Creativity—The-best-you-eie74p

New way of creativity coaching

Creativity Coaching with no boundaries.  I still remember clearly how two of my previous coaching facilitators stressed the point that coaching should never be conducted using “Skype”.  For the past two weeks, this is the only possible way to do it.  A few practical lessons I can share: Place your…

Learning development hub

We have many years’ experience in developing learning material on many formats, a variety of topics, and on differing levels and complexity eLearning design and development (using Articulate)   eLearning development process: Proposal Content planning meeting and presentation of the existing course. Confirm storyboard based on presentation (content, exercises, activities,…

Humanity hub

My passion is creating opportunities for people to discover, develop and dynamically transform themselves. I find my deepest gratitude in seeing people transform to be one (or more) step closer to live their full potential. (Kobus Venter) Personal Mastery: Taking back control We all have a desire to live a…

Productivity hub

Group learning interventions are great opportunities for people to explore, learn, share and grow. This leads to higher retention rates.  We focus on skills to be a better I, and to collaborate with and serve others more productively. Read More

Creativity Hub

If you always think the way you always thought, you’ll always get what you always got (Michael Michalko:2006) The first step to innovation is the ability to think beyond conventional paradigms using non-traditional (creative thinking).  Creativity is an attitude, a lifestyle, a culture at work. Read More