Employing a life coach

Do you feel stuck and have the desire to break the chains that are holding you back? Coaching is a quest to overcome whatever is holding you back and achieve your goals and desires.

I can guide you to excel in any area in your life.  I shall help you to:


Understand your limiting beliefs and overcome them

Use your strengths to develop new skills

Move out of your comfort zone

Clarify your goals and priorities

Develop empowering habits based on your core values

Strengthen your relationships

Find your life’s purpose

Develop strategies and a plan of action to achieve goals

Take accountability for your own actions


I can help to find renewed meaning and connections in your relationships.  I shall help you to:


Rediscover the beauty in your relationship

Create balance

Improve communication and understanding

Find joy in your relationship

Setting acceptable boundaries

Commit to relationship strategies and goals

Kobus Venter

Life Coach

Your coach says:


“I am living my passion since I started my career in 1990.  My passion is creating opportunities for people to discover, develop and dynamically transform themselves.  I find my deepest gratitude in seeing people transform to be one step closer to live their full potential.”

“My life transformed in 2002 when I discovered that if I embed my life in the deepest level of faith and gratitude, miracles do happen.  I follow a principled approach and only allow true conviction to drive my development initiatives.”

“I use a combination of life coaching principles, NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), and QEC (Quantum Energy Coaching) to achieve results.”


I worked with various people on my journey and wanted someone closer to where I live to work with and after searching for a while I found Kobus, I explained my story and as much as I wanted to find the right person to work with and fortunately we clicked from day one. All credit to him for his professional approach, passion and deep understanding of what he does. Working with him went a lot quicker than what I anticipated yet the results were brilliant. I am truly in a better place thanks to him!
Pietie Nielson
(Life coaching and QEC)
Thank you for helping me. I feel so relieved and much lighter after our sessions. I wish more people could undergo this great experience.
Maria Pieterse
(NLP session)