Business skills

Group learning interventions are great opportunities for people to explore, learn, share and grow.

This leads to higher retention rates.  We focus on skills to be a better I, and to collaborate with and serve others more productively.

We offer customised learning solutions on the following themes:

Customer Care

A unique, practical learning experience where we learn that serving is a high-level human function. Customer service requires making genuine, caring connections with people to create exceptional human experiences.


The systematically planned and direct guidance of an individual or group by a coach to learn and develop skills that are applied in the workplace and which translate into clearly improved customer experiences.

Business writing and communication

Write professional, customer-centric emails to enhance your brand by:
1. Writing grammatically correct sentences.
2. Writing different formal business e-mails according to the correct structure and without errors.

Diversity management

This programme not only provides you with a theoretical basis on diversity, but also gives you the tools to use the theory practically in your workplace.

Employment Equity

Gaining an understanding of the main purpose of the Employment Equity Act:
a. promoting equal opportunity and fair treatment in employment through the elimination of unfair discrimination; and
b. implementing affirmative action measures to redress the disadvantages in employment experienced by designated groups, to ensure their equitable representation in all occupational categories and levels in the workforce.

The Team

Some feedback received

    • The use of pictures in the presentations made it easy for me to grasp a lot of concepts. The facilitator brought  in good energy. The importance of customer service was made more clearly, than just having a fair understanding.  Good slides, the facilitator made it fun and has lots of energy.  There was interaction throughout the course.
    • He made use of pictures and songs to help me remember things. Also, it was a group participation, and being given an opportunity to ask for each new information that was discussed.
    • He made the learning experience exceptional. He is great in the way he makes one understand and remember things through activities.
    • He started with an empty bag, but now my bag is filled with tons of skills. Learning and peace of mind.  Dankie Kobus!
    • I can now say confidently that I know how to write an e-mail. This is because of this course, and the facilitator.
    • Very good communication, he promotes participation. Kobus is very entertaining.  I did not fall asleep at all.
    • I am now able to APPLY what I have learned in the workplace.  It was clearly outlined in the training.