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My passion is creating opportunities for people to discover, develop and dynamically transform themselves.

(Kobus Venter)

Learning Experiences

We all have a desire to live a life where we feel we are in control.  One where we steer our lives in the direction we choose.

You, in fact, do have that control. 

Personal mastery is about:
    • a path, an orientation one chooses
    • having a clear vision of the future
    • a commitment to never-ending improvement
    • knowing there are parts of us that will always try to hold us back
    • willingness to find ways to transcend fear
    • self-awareness
    • getting to know yourself, and transcend
The journey

This is a journey of reflection, self-discovery and making choices that serve you well. 

You will develop a masterplan to take back control over your life.

Emotional Intelligence was initiated in 1990.  It was only after Goleman published the best-seller: Emotional Intelligence: Why it matters more than IQ in 1995 that people started to pay a keen interest to the concept.

Emotional intelligence is about:
    •  Having and experiencing emotions.
    • Acknowledge and value feelings in yourself and others.
    • Respond to feelings appropriately.
    • Using emotions as a source of human energy, information, trust, creativity and influence.
    • Is learnable at any age.
    • Higher levels of satisfaction in the workplace
    • Higher probability of promotion
    • Higher earning capacity
    • Higher standard of living
    • Reduced levels of family conflict
    • Reduced vulnerability to cardio-vascular or immune-related disorders
    • A more fulfilled life
The experience

This is a journey of reflection, self-discovery and making choices that serve you well. 

We shall explore the areas of concern and through coaching practise guide and assist to overcome limiting beliefs.

Change results in uncertainty.  Uncertainty, on the other hand, brings along anxiety.  The anxiety needs to be acknowledged and dealt with from a personal and interpersonal level.

The experience

This is a journey of acceptance and making empowering choices.

We shall explore the sources of anxiety and quickly move on to accepting change as a wonderful opportunity in our lives. 

Stress is a mental, emotional, physical strain or tension.  It is your body’s response to the demands of living in a fast-paced environment.

Everyone suffers from stress to some degree and in some form! Think about any stressful incident. in the workplace or at home. Your heart started fluttering, your chest tightened up, maybe your face was going a bit red, you felt overwhelmed and helpless.

The experience

This experience helps you to understand stress and, most importantly, give you techniques to reduce stress for a lifetime.

Some feedback from our learners

    • I want to thank you very much for the effort with training last week. It was definitely the best sessions I’ve had at our company. I found the sessions extremely valuable and enjoyed it very much. I appreciate the focus and effort and soul that you brought into all the sessions – I hope we see you again soon for the next set.
    • Kobus helped me a lot about being positive in everything I do. I have gained a lot of experience that I will use in my working environment.
    • Outgoing, bubbly and enthusiastic helping me to stay focused and have fun while learning. Gave so much insight in things you did not realise.
    • This course helped me change my way of thinking.  Be more positive, build my confidence and reminded me not to take things too personal at work.

Life Coaching

Do you feel stuck and have the desire to break the chains holding you back?

Coaching is a quest to overcome whatever is holding you back and achieve your goals and desires. I can guide you to excel in any area in your life.


I shall help you to:

      • Understand your limiting beliefs and overcome them
      • Use your strengths to develop new skills
      • Move out of your comfort zone
      • Clarify your goals and priorities
      • Develop empowering habits based on your core values
      • Strengthen your relationships
      • Find your life’s purpose
      • Develop strategies and a plan of action to achieve goals
      • Take accountability for your own actions
      • Unleash your creativity


I can help to find renewed meaning and connections in your relationships.


I shall help you to:

      • Rediscover the beauty in your relationship
      • Create balance
      • Improve communication and understanding
      • Find joy in your relationship
      • Setting acceptable boundaries
      • Commit to relationship strategies and goals

Kobus Venter


Your coach says:


“I am living my passion since I started my career in 1990. I find my deepest gratitude in seeing people transform to be one step closer to live their full potential.”

“My life transformed in 2002 when I discovered that if I embed my life in the deepest level of faith and gratitude, miracles do happen.  I follow a principled approach and only allow true conviction to drive my development initiatives.”

“I use a combination of life coaching principles, NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), and QEC (Quantum Energy Coaching) to achieve results.”


I worked with various people on my journey and wanted someone closer to where I live to work with and after searching for a while I found Kobus, I explained my story and as much as I wanted to find the right person to work with and fortunately we clicked from day one. All credit to him for his professional approach, passion and deep understanding of what he does. Working with him went a lot quicker than what I anticipated yet the results were brilliant. I am truly in a better place thanks to him!
Pietie Nelson
(Life coaching and QEC)
Thank you for helping me. I feel so relieved and much lighter after our sessions. I wish more people could undergo this great experience.
Maria Pieterse
(NLP session)