New way of creativity coaching

Creativity Coaching with no boundaries.  I still remember clearly how two of my previous coaching facilitators stressed the point that coaching should never be conducted using “Skype”.  For the past two weeks, this is the only possible way to do it.  A few practical lessons I can share:

  1. Place your camera at least 1 metre away.  This will give you a medium shot of yourself.  The advantage is that the client can see you, your body language as well as your actions (such as taking notes).
  2. As you are not looking straight into your camera, apply slightly exaggerated  non-verbal active listening.
  3. Use the screen to your advantage by moving closer to create more intimacy and moving back for more comfortable conversation.

My clients gave wonderful feedback on the creativity coaching experience so far:

  • “You allowed me a safe space to dream big that nothing is impossible, and it is OK to dream, creativity is not scripted anywhere”
  • “Mindfulness awakening, freeing up my mind is important, learning about conscious and subconscious mindset, creativity as a concept and creative thinking is embedded in all of us”
  • “I came to the realisation that a lot of my creativity got lost.  As I grow older, I try to conform more and more to  life’s norms.  These coaching sessions is an opportunity for me to change this.”



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